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What makes us different?

Experienced Traders

Team Collaboration

Specialized Traders

Strategy Diversification


Wayne McDonell

Senior Fund Manager

Our team of Portfolio Managers is lead by our Fund Manager, Wayne McDonell.  He has 25 years of Venture Capital and Capital Markets experience.  His forex analysis has appeared in major media outlets such as Bloomberg Television and the Wall Street Journal.  He has also earned many forex trading awards and accolades., including Speaker of the Year by

Mr. McDonell is the Chief FX Market Strategist for and is a Advisor for a non-profit leadership group at Georgia Tech University.  He is also a Candidate for his Master’s Degree in Management from Harvard University.

Our Work Process

Each Portfolio Manager trades a bias using their own strategy.  Having a diverse team from around the world, with different biases, using different strategies, brings diversification to our overall fund.


Dozens of Strategies in Real-Time

Every Portfolio Manager is responsible for their own tactics. This reduces overall risk and volatility.


Intelligent Exposure

We can design a unique portfolio of managers and strategies suitable to your needs.

Absolute Returns

Steady returns in all market conditions

Our team is diverse and deep. We aim to provide steady profits with low risk and volatility.

Every Portfolio Starts with $25,000

Our Clients

We are a proprietary trading group.  Our clients are ourselves.  We trade our own money and we keep 100% of our own profits.